Most Pet Transport FAQs

#1 How to safety, tips Pet Travel

Pet relocation services are professional companies that specialize in helping pet owners transport their beloved pets from one location to another, whether it's domestically or internationally.

These services typically offer a wide range of pet transport options Vina Atika owner PetTravelindo handling more than 1000+ pet travel arround the world.

#2 How to take care of your pet?

We are a specializes in arranging transportation for pets, both domestically and internationally, to ensure the pets travel safely and comfortably. Pet Travel including services is booking flights, arranging customs and quarantine procedures and ensuring that all required documentation is in order

Hand Carry

Hand carry pets that are allowed pet to travel in the cabin of an airplane with their owners. This is usually an option for small pets that can fit in a carrier under the seat in front of their owner. The rules and regulations for hand carry pets vary depending on the airline and the destination Some airlines may only allow certain types of pets to travel in the cabin, such as cats and small dogs, while other may allow birds or rabbits as well. The size and weight restrictions for the carrier may also vary between airline.

Pet Cargo

Checked pet are typically larger pets or pets that are not allowed to travel in the cabin due to size or breed restrictions To transport a pet as checked baggage, the owner will need to make arrangemenst with the airline in advance and provide a suitable carrier that meets the airlines requirements. The carrier should be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably and should be well ventilated

Required Pet Travel

The owner may also be required to provide proof of vacinnation and health certificates, and may need to pay a fee for the pet to travel in the cargo hold. It is important to research the airlines policies and reuirements for checked pets before booking a flight to ensure that the pet is able to travel safely and comfortably

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Please feel free to contact us, Mrs Vina Atika will provide the best option to ensure your pet is able to travel safely and comfortably

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Is important to ensure that the pet is able to travel safely and comfortably. We also provide other service such as pet relocation, temporary pet boarding and pet-friendly accommodation recommendations